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A post from Laurie Edward from 9 Jan. Thanks .

In part he says - "In the 1920's my Dad lived in Falmouth St (Ave.) on the Gardens side. But I think his G'ma lived in Allan St? Next to the railway line. He was in the G'ferrie Bike (Cycle?) club."

"Stan Edward. b 1907. Also a solo with his Dad. A studio set obviously. c1920's both. Dad lost his hair early but it's there then."
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A recent post by Graeme Nitz
With the recent post and talk of Anderson’s Park I thought I would relate a story of one of my many experiences at my favourite park. The ovals were often used by enthusiasts to fly their model aircraft which in those days before easily available radio control were mostly control line types or uncontrolled gliders. My mates and I would often watch these aircraft and occasionally get to try out the planes. When I was around 10 we were all awed when a young man arrived with his model of a Mitsubishi Zero a WWII Japanese fighter. He had spent over a year building the plane and its radio control equipment. The wingspan was about 4’. The young man was very proud of his aircraft and he powered it up and took off. He flew it around the oval a few times and it was quite high when he started swearing as his radio control had lost contact and it was flying away from us. I jumped on my bike and took off after it. Eventually it ran out of fuel and crash landed next to Anderson’s creek near Tooronga rd. It was pretty damaged with a wing broken off. I picked up the bits and rode back to the park which was not an easy thing with such a large model up all those hills! The young man was obviously disappointed and said the plane was not repairable. He proceeded to remove the motor and radio gear and he said I could have the remains if I wanted them. I dragged it home and dad helped me glue the wing back on and I used some nuts and scrap lead to balance it so I could use it as a glider. I played with in and off for a couple of years until it literally fell apart.
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We thought we had a deluge two weeks back. Check out this great posting from Chris Long.

1934 FLOODS: GLENFERRIE ROAD BRIDGE over GARDINERS CREEK, KOOYONG TENNIS COURTS (on right, partially submerged) and distant gasometers at Toorak Road, FROM SCOTCH COLLEGE GROUNDS. This snapshot was in the State Library's Stringer album, showing the whole of the Gardiner's Creek valley turned into a massive lake. The Glenferrie Road bridge is entirely underwater, with the road alignment marked by the tops of telephone poles running laterally across the picture.
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The days of the horse and cart. Before my time, but I do remember the milk and bread being delivered by horse and cart. Another wonderful image of HE Magnus (grocer) with his horse and cart. From Peter Smyth. ... See MoreSee Less